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We are experts in cinematic event videography. Our wide spectrum of events branches out into weddings, destination weddings, concerts, music videos, charity events, cocktail parties, conferences and many more.

We are also skilled and experienced in filming commercials for products and different business ventures for marketing and promotional activities.


Being the best wedding photographers in Surrey, we initiate a head start on making your big-day even more special by our professional and creative photography ideas for pre-wedding photo shoots. We arrange creative settings at your desired locations to enhance and highlight the most significant event of your life.

Wedding Photography

Our photography studio is world-wide known for its excellent top-notch wedding photography. We take pride in our work, and guarantee you the best when it comes to creative wedding photography as it was the building block of our "Elite Wedding Photography & Cinematic Films Venture". With our team of professional photographers we can promise you an exceptional and exquisite experience for your wedding day.

Post Wedding

Along with the Pre-Wedding shoots, we also offer Post Wedding shoots in our packages. Wedding day has its own strict timeline and a Post Wedding shoot can be a great way of making sure that you are at ease, not rushed for the poses and shots you are looking for. We have this option available in all of our packages where you can book our professional photographers for a couple more hours soon after the wedding.


The wedding day is the pivotal event of the wedding week. With our experience and exuberance, we make sure that this day becomes a momentous day and time for the bride. Marking the beginning of a memorable journey in her utmost beauty and brilliance through our lens.


Fashion is a major aspect of all cultures and geographies throughout the world. And we believe in leaving a generous imprint in this industry through our professional and creative skills. We conduct professional portfolio photo shoots as well as fashion photography for fashion designers, models, make up artists at our photography studios and outdoor locations.

Real estate

In conjunction with our corporate projects, we also provide photography and videography for different business ventures for marketing activities along with product photo shoots. Along with this, we specialize in business profile photo shoots as well.

Our additional services include legal documentation photos, which include passport photos, citizenship photos, permanent residence photos and visa photos.


We constantly endeavor to give our best to meet our clients' requirements and standards as we strive to go an extra mile for them. Our vision has encircled distinct domains of social events which include concerts, music festivals, art festivals, sports events, charity events, cocktail parties, conferences and many more.


Apart from social events, there is an extensive presence of corporate industry events, such as conferences, political and social gatherings. Midda Productions has a very strong presence in the coverage of all the corporate events of Lower Mainland, Canada. With our experience, we are very well aware of the varying requisites of social and corporate events. Therefore, our promising team of professional photographers always delivers the best results with its skill set.


The time of life that everyone awaits in their lives, bringing in a new life, a new light into our incredibly fascinating world. We feel very humble for being able to encompass this life long memory for you. Our vision is to capture the essence of this moment, so that it transcends into your life making this time the most memorable of all.

New-Born Baby

Words can not express the joy of new life - Hermann Hesse

As "words can not express the joy of new life", we endeavor to transform this magical experience into beautiful memories through our vision. Our professional photographers specialize in framing this bundle of joy for your new- born baby in spectacular portraits.

Photo Books

Memories are a timeless treasure that one cherishes for lifetime and passes on to the next generations. We take it as a tribute towards our work and a matter of prestige towards our experience to cater you with the best collection of your memories. We provide custom made albums and coffee table photo books for all of our events with the best artistic concepts and designs.